Max CVSS 5.8 Min CVSS 1.9 Total Count2
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2018-15688 5.8
A buffer overflow vulnerability in the dhcp6 client of systemd allows a malicious dhcp6 server to overwrite heap memory in systemd-networkd. Affected releases are systemd: versions up to and including 239.
31-01-2022 - 18:30 26-10-2018 - 14:29
CVE-2018-14650 1.9
It was discovered that sos-collector does not properly set the default permissions of newly created files, making all files created by the tool readable by any local user. A local attacker may use this flaw by waiting for a legit user to run sos-coll
09-10-2019 - 23:35 27-09-2018 - 20:29
CVE-2018-14646 4.9
The Linux kernel before 4.15-rc8 was found to be vulnerable to a NULL pointer dereference bug in the __netlink_ns_capable() function in the net/netlink/af_netlink.c file. A local attacker could exploit this when a net namespace with a netnsid is assi
09-10-2019 - 23:35 26-11-2018 - 19:29
CVE-2018-16539 4.3
In Artifex Ghostscript before 9.24, attackers able to supply crafted PostScript files could use incorrect access checking in temp file handling to disclose contents of files on the system otherwise not readable.
07-03-2019 - 15:57 05-09-2018 - 18:29
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