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IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2008-5110 9.3
syslog-ng does not call chdir when it calls chroot, which might allow attackers to escape the intended jail. NOTE: this is only a vulnerability when a separate vulnerability is present. This flaw affects syslog-ng versions prior to and including 2.0.
22-06-2021 - 13:27 17-11-2008 - 22:21
CVE-2007-2452 6.0
Heap-based buffer overflow in the visit_old_format function in locate/locate.c in locate in GNU findutils before 4.2.31 might allow context-dependent attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long pathname in a locate database that has the old format
16-10-2018 - 16:44 04-06-2007 - 16:30
CVE-2007-5497 5.8
Multiple integer overflows in libext2fs in e2fsprogs before 1.40.3 allow user-assisted remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted filesystem image.
15-10-2018 - 21:45 07-12-2007 - 11:46
CVE-2009-0692 10.0
Stack-based buffer overflow in the script_write_params method in client/dhclient.c in ISC DHCP dhclient 4.1 before 4.1.0p1, 4.0 before 4.0.1p1, 3.1 before 3.1.2p1, 3.0, and 2.0 allows remote DHCP servers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted subnet
29-09-2017 - 01:33 14-07-2009 - 20:30
CVE-2010-0001 6.8
Integer underflow in the unlzw function in unlzw.c in gzip before 1.4 on 64-bit platforms, as used in ncompress and probably others, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (application crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code via a cra
19-09-2017 - 01:30 29-01-2010 - 18:30
CVE-2010-1129 7.5
The safe_mode implementation in PHP before 5.2.13 does not properly handle directory pathnames that lack a trailing / (slash) character, which allows context-dependent attackers to bypass intended access restrictions via vectors related to use of the
31-08-2010 - 05:42 26-03-2010 - 20:30
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