Max CVSS 7.5 Min CVSS 1.2 Total Count2
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2006-5158 3.3
The nlmclnt_mark_reclaim in clntlock.c in NFS lockd in Linux kernel before 2.6.16 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (process crash) and deny access to NFS exports via unspecified vectors that trigger a kernel oops (null dereference
15-02-2024 - 20:23 05-10-2006 - 04:04
CVE-2006-4997 7.1
The clip_mkip function in net/atm/clip.c of the ATM subsystem in Linux kernel allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (panic) via unknown vectors that cause the ATM subsystem to access the memory of socket buffers after they are freed (f
10-02-2024 - 02:45 10-10-2006 - 04:06
CVE-2006-5749 1.7
The isdn_ppp_ccp_reset_alloc_state function in drivers/isdn/isdn_ppp.c in the Linux 2.4 kernel before 2.4.34-rc4 does not call the init_timer function for the ISDN PPP CCP reset state timer, which has unknown attack vectors and results in a system cr
13-02-2023 - 02:16 31-12-2006 - 05:00
CVE-2006-4813 2.1
The __block_prepare_write function in fs/buffer.c for Linux kernel 2.6.x before 2.6.13 does not properly clear buffers during certain error conditions, which allows local users to read portions of files that have been unlinked.
13-02-2023 - 02:16 12-10-2006 - 20:07
CVE-2006-5751 7.2
Integer overflow in the get_fdb_entries function in net/bridge/br_ioctl.c in the Linux kernel before allows local users to execute arbitrary code via a large maxnum value in an ioctl request.
30-10-2018 - 16:26 02-12-2006 - 02:28
CVE-2006-6106 7.5
Multiple buffer overflows in the cmtp_recv_interopmsg function in the Bluetooth driver (net/bluetooth/cmtp/capi.c) in the Linux kernel 2.4.22 up to and 2.6.2 before, and 2.6.19.x, allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service
17-10-2018 - 21:46 19-12-2006 - 19:28
CVE-2006-5619 2.1
The seqfile handling (ip6fl_get_n function in ip6_flowlabel.c) in Linux kernel 2.6 up to 2.6.18-stable allows local users to cause a denial of service (hang or oops) via unspecified manipulations that trigger an infinite loop while searching for flow
17-10-2018 - 21:43 31-10-2006 - 19:07
CVE-2006-5757 1.2
Race condition in the __find_get_block_slow function in the ISO9660 filesystem in Linux 2.6.18 and possibly other versions allows local users to cause a denial of service (infinite loop) by mounting a crafted ISO9660 filesystem containing malformed d
11-10-2017 - 01:31 06-11-2006 - 20:07
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