Max CVSS 7.5 Min CVSS 5.0 Total Count2
IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2008-4107 5.1
The (1) rand and (2) mt_rand functions in PHP 5.2.6 do not produce cryptographically strong random numbers, which allows attackers to leverage exposures in products that rely on these functions for security-relevant functionality, as demonstrated by
30-10-2018 - 16:26 18-09-2008 - 17:59
CVE-2008-4102 7.5
Joomla! 1.5 before 1.5.7 initializes PHP's PRNG with a weak seed, which makes it easier for attackers to guess the pseudo-random values produced by PHP's mt_rand function, as demonstrated by guessing password reset tokens, a different vulnerability t
11-10-2018 - 20:50 18-09-2008 - 17:59
CVE-2008-4125 5.0
The search function in phpBB 2.x provides a search_id value that leaks the state of PHP's PRNG, which allows remote attackers to obtain potentially sensitive information, as demonstrated by a cross-application attack against WordPress, a different vu
08-08-2017 - 01:32 18-09-2008 - 17:59
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