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IDCVSSSummaryLast (major) updatePublished
CVE-2007-6303 3.5
MySQL 5.0.x before 5.0.51a, 5.1.x before 5.1.23, and 6.0.x before 6.0.4 does not update the DEFINER value of a view when the view is altered, which allows remote authenticated users to gain privileges via a sequence of statements including a CREATE S
17-12-2019 - 20:16 10-12-2007 - 21:46
CVE-2007-5970 5.8
MySQL 5.1.x before 5.1.23 and 6.0.x before 6.0.4 allows remote authenticated users to gain privileges on arbitrary tables via unspecified vectors involving use of table-level DATA DIRECTORY and INDEX DIRECTORY options when creating a partitioned tabl
17-12-2019 - 20:06 10-12-2007 - 19:46
CVE-2007-5360 7.5
Buffer overflow in OpenPegasus Management server, when compiled to use PAM and with PEGASUS_USE_PAM_STANDALONE_PROC defined, as used in VMWare ESX Server 3.0.1 and 3.0.2, might allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via vectors related to P
30-10-2018 - 16:26 08-01-2008 - 20:46
CVE-2007-6514 4.3
Apache HTTP Server, when running on Linux with a document root on a Windows share mounted using smbfs, allows remote attackers to obtain unprocessed content such as source files for .php programs via a trailing "\" (backslash), which is not handled b
15-10-2018 - 21:54 21-12-2007 - 22:46
CVE-2007-0103 6.8
The Adobe PDF specification 1.3, as implemented by Adobe Acrobat before 8.0.0, allows remote attackers to have an unknown impact, possibly including denial of service (infinite loop), arbitrary code execution, or memory corruption, via a PDF file wit
29-07-2017 - 01:29 09-01-2007 - 00:28
CVE-2007-5007 6.8
Stack-based buffer overflow in the ir_fetch_seq function in balsa before 2.3.20 might allow remote IMAP servers to execute arbitrary code via a long response to a FETCH command.
08-03-2011 - 02:59 12-12-2007 - 22:10
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